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Telling stories of extraordinarily generous women

Jenny’s new book will feature 30+ inspiring stories of women philanthropists who give generously and strategically to enhance the common good. These fascinating women are very diverse. Some are millionaires, and some are middle-income. A wide range of ages, religions, and ethnicities are included as well as ways these astounding women give to make an impact.

“The goal of my book is to celebrate philanthropy and to inspire women to change the world through their own generous giving.”

Every woman or girl who picks up the book should see someone like herself in the book and think, “If this woman can do this, so could I,” and be motivated to stretch further in her own giving. Givers find joy and purpose in giving as well as satisfaction in seeing the world changing in positive ways. These women give testament to that truth.
– Jenny Norris Peterson


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Jenny provides the coaching and tools development professionals need to create or expand programs that inspire women to give philanthropically.


Jenny helps women see the power and potential they have to be philanthropists and shows how they can accomplish it.